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Our Counselors

We have both licensed marriage and family therapists (MFT) as well as registered interns. Our counselors are skilled in the most current therapeutic methods. We serve families, individuals, children and couples. Earth Circles welcomes all races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. We tailor your counseling to your needs, with many approaches to healing. Our counselors provide a wide fee range.


By trusting your inner wisdom, you can heal old beliefs and negative thoughts that keep you stuck and unable to go forward in your life. As we embark upon the journey of your healing, I will be there to assist and guide you in co-creating your life's goals and dreams. In facilitating your process, I use various modalities, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), focusing, meditation and other body based therapies. My training is transpersonal and body-oriented, which means that I believe one way in "coming home" to yourself is through the inner wisdom of your own body. Please let me assist you in making lasting changes so that you, too, might enjoy more meaningful relationships with yourself and others, and find your inner peace.

contact: 510-601-0132


Yvonne Beyer MA MFT

Executive Director

Staff and Interns

Chong-You Lin



An authentic and empathic relationship is the basic foundation for people to develop their full potential in psychotherapy. I encourage my clients to increase their awareness in a supportive environment, and then unfold their authentic self while increasing their freedom to choose. 


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Niku Head Shot - Niku Shah.jpg
My therapeutic approach is to create a safe and welcoming space where we can, together, explore some of life challenges. My therapeutic approach includes a blend of psychodynamic and transpersonal therapy modalities.
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Niku (Nick) Shah

AMFT #121043

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

I offer a person-centered and integrative approach to therapy, drawing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family systems and feminist theory, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


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Erin Carnahan

PCC Intern #3418

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

We come into this world to experience, grow and enjoy a good life. We all experience suffering and difficult times, which can lead us to distorted interpretations about self, others, and how to understand our experiences. Yet, we all have instincts, drives and the right to pursue our own happiness.


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Shang Heping


Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

Torrie Pierre.JPG

I am an MFT Trainee who is passionate about providing individuals and couples with tools to strengthen relationships while optimizing healthy. I believe in pro-viding a safe, open and empathetic space where the healing journey can begin.

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Torrie Pierre-Hargraves

MFT Trainee

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

Brown_Tyeshia - Tyeshia Brown.jpg

I value and use my knowledge of cultural competence and the understanding of cultural diversity and cultural sensitivity in my work. My goal is to give individuals a space to safely process, heal, and work through the challenges that life brings, without judgement.

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Tyeshia Brown

MFT Trainee

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544


Jean Donabedian

MFT/PCC Trainee

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

I believe in creating a safe and welcoming space for all. There are a variety of challenges that we face in our lives. I believe that therapy is a place where we can work collaboratively in order to find the roots of these challenges and work to better oneself and meet therapeutic/personal goals all without judgment. 

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Heather Watkins

AMFT #101404

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

I consider you the expert and believe strongly in your innate intelligence and self-healing capacity. My aim is to provide a safe space in which you feel free to express openly, reflect upon the self, unearth the roots of personal pain, shift negative patterns, and adopt positive lifestyle practices.


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photo  - Samantha Forman (1).jpg

My name is Samantha. I am a Marriage and Family therapist trainee. I am excited to welcome you to this space whatever your reason for being here may be. Selecting a therapist that you align with is one of the first steps in your healing journey.


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Samantha Forman

MFT Trainee

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

Self Pic2019 - Maria Linsao.jpg

I invite you to co-create a sacred space in which we can explore, talk about, and process what is coming up for you in all areas of your relational life, including your relationship with yourself.


more about Maria

Maria Linsao

Registered Associate MFT #111481

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544


Korë Rebecca Williams



I am most inspired in life by the capacity we all share to heal, grow, and reach for the joy and connection that is our birthright. I witness this capacity every day in my clients' courage to transform hurt and fear from the past, and present day obstacles into deeper understanding and respect for themselves, and the freedom to make richer choices in their lives.

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white flowers.jpg

We will collaborate to support and empower you in finding more autonomy, clarity, and ease in all areas of your life. By addressing recurring blocks and triggers, we can work to uncover a more authentic version of yourself and an aligned future.


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Sara Moss

MFT Trainee

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

ACS_0205 - Alicia Persaud.jpeg

With my education and experience, I bring a unique and culturally adaptive approach to therapy. I aim to work alongside clients to meet their goals. Along the way, I strive to help them gain self-awareness, mental clarity, and balance in their lives.


more about Alicia

Alicia Mae Persaud

MFT Trainee

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544


You might be processing grief or trauma. Maybe you’re facing a diagnosis or a life transition. Perhaps you need help with your relationships. You may want to free yourself from conflicting impulses and demands and to live more fully. I bring compassion, authenticity, and hope to my counseling work. 

more about David

David Fore

Counseling Intern 

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

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