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Our Internship Program

About Us

Winning the Best of Oakland award 7 years in a row for providing outstanding psychotherapy services to the East Bay community, Earth Circles Counseling Center is proud to offer a unique and highly effective internship experience in a supportive community of peers, embracing a wide variety of progressive modalities, including Somatic, Mindfulness, Dialectical-Cognitive- Behavioral, Holistic and Transpersonal psychotherapy. 

Earth Circles Counseling Center's well regarded and long standing reputation attracts an extensive flow of private pay and sliding scale clients.


Additionally, because Earth Circles is contracted with Alameda Alliance and Beacon insurance in Alameda County, we serve a substantial Medi-Cal clientele of families, couples, individuals and children who reflect the vibrant diversity of the Bay Area.


The Earth Circles Internship Program offers the following benefits:


  • Interns are quickly able to build a full client load within the first few months of joining due to the generous stream of private pay and Medi-Cal clients who are referred to the agency

  • Due to the steady availability of clients, interns have the opportunity, if desired, to rapidly accumulate their BBS hours - including BBS required child, family and couple hours - in a minimum of 3 years

  • Interns may also choose to build a client load that best fits their schedule and other life and family responsibilities at a pace that best works for them - usually in a range of 5 to 20 clients while working 1 to 4 days or evenings per week

  • Interns are welcome to bring clients with them from previous practicums and internships when they join Earth Circles

  • Interns have the opportunity to build their post-licensure, private practice client load during their internship at Earth Circles by taking their client load with them when they leave the agency and begin their professional careers

  • All required supervision, marketing and advertising services, insurance and administrative intern costs, as well as beautifully decorated offices are provided without any fees at any time to interns


  • Interns may also take advantage of administrative employment opportunities at Earth Circles as they become available, as additional sources of income

  • Interns are provided with weekly support and training to build the skills they need as they discover, explore and develop their own professional style and therapeutic orientation

  • Our monthly community meetings provide the opportunities for interns to connect with peers and build a lifetime network of professional colleagues

  • Earth Circles provides interns with monthly trainings on cutting edge therapeutic techniques such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Sand Tray and Art Therapy, Focusing and Coping with Vicarious Trauma as a Clinician

  • Our program enables interns to acquire broad skills and experience in assessment and treatment planning, crisis intervention, child and family therapy, diagnostic skills, resourcing and resolving both incident and developmental trauma, as well as networking with community and agency services

  • Benefiting from a client base at Earth Circles of both private pay and mental health insurance sources provides interns with a rich diversity of professional experience and the knowledge and skill set needed after licensure to choose either private practice or competently compete for agency employment.

How to Apply:

Interns interested in pursuing an internship position at Earth Circles Counseling Center may contact the Executive Director, Yvonne Beyer, at 510-601-0132 and send a resume via email to:


The initial contact will be followed by an interview by the Executive Director and members of the Earth Circles Interview Committee to determine if the new intern and the Earth Circles community will be a good fit. 



We thank you for your interest!

Current Interns/Therapists can submit their bio here: 


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