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Meet Our Counselors

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Farooq Malik



Our natural expressions and capacities can be disrupted by difficult experiences which can often lead to distorted beliefs about ourselves and others in the face of these experiences. Yet the drive to grow, learn, heal and self-correct are also wired into our very own body - biology. Hence, given conducive conditions these innate natural capacities will heal and grow into unique creative expressions. In our work together we can co-create the necessary conditions of safety, spaciousness, acceptance, and invigoration that can bring your innate capacities to the fore. Doing so would allow your psyche to reconnect, recover, strengthen and grow. We can witness with amazement and appreciation as this process unfolds in sessions and more importantly in your life.


My training is consistent with my values of respect and caring for the individuals and couples I work with. I welcome people from all backgrounds, orientations and socio-economic status. Common areas that I work with clients are relationships, anxiety, trauma, inner critic, self-esteem, phobias, grief, loss, issues of identity & culture, life transitions, personal growth and life purpose.

I look forward to the opportunity and privilege to work with you!


Kari Flockoi

Associate MFT



In a spirit of unconditional acceptance from me, you in turn would learn to provide that sense of acceptance to yourself and your experience.

This leads to finding within yourself your own answers and your own strength, and promotes a healthy way of relating to yourself and the world.

I apply theories such as psychodynamic, contemplative, integral, systems, The Enneagram, Byron Katie's The Work, Eckhardt Tolle, David Hawkins, MD, relational, and spirituality.

I work with couples and individuals who have a wide range of stress and stressors in life including PTSD and substance abuse.

I use tools such as Tong-len, empathic listening and a non-judgmental presence in our work.


Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

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(925) 588-1662




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(510) 601-1929 ext. 8




Chong-You Lin




I hold a MA in transpersonal counseling from John F. Kennedy University and am pursuing my Ph.D. in East-West psychology with a focus in spiritual counseling.

My emphasis is working with adults who are having concerns with relationships, emotions, transitions, addictions or eating disorders. I also work with children, adolescents and couples. Coming from Taiwan, I can speak Mandarin and Taiwanese and understand how cultures impact one's psychology.

My other areas of specialization include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Hakomi, hypnotherapy and meditations. With these skills, I facilitate my clients to transform their traumas, difficult feelings, beliefs, and behavior patterns.


林從猷, 婚姻及家庭諮商師

畢業於約翰甘乃迪大學心理諮商研究所超個人心理組,我的諮商方式整合了一般心理學及靈性的智慧。目前,我在加州整合學院攻讀東西心理學博士學位及靈性輔導 認證。我的服務包含協助成人對面他們的關係、情緒、生命轉變、成癮及飲食違常等問題,也提供兒童、青年少及夫妻諮商。我來自台灣,可以講國語及台語並且了 解多元文化的影響。

我經過EMDR(眼動身心重建法)的訓練,能協助有創傷經驗的個案,降低他們受過去經驗的影響。我也運用Hakomi 方法,催眠及靜坐方法來幫助我的個案轉化他的心理創傷及困擾他們的情緒、想法及行為。我的連絡方式 (510)601-1929分機8,或 寫信到



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(510) 601-1929 ext. 24




Britta Randlev

Associate MFT



My work is inspired by Buddhist psychology with a deep respect for each person's path. My aim in the therapeutic relationship is to support you in drawing on all your resources: mental, emotional and spiritual. So that you may find the wisdom and strength to meet life's challenges with joy and hope, heal what needs to be healed and move towards greater fulfillment and happiness.


I work with adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, feelings of low self-esteem, shame and internalized homophobia; couples in distress (straight and LGBT); post immigration integration and adjustment problems; children and adolescents with emotional and/or functional difficulties. 


I am available for appointments  Wednesdays and Saturdays. 


Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544


contact me:

(510) 601-1929

Avital Schlesinger

Associate MFT



Combining insight and space for exploration, I aim to help each individual find their way toward increased contentment. I believe with kindness and guidance each of us can reach more happiness and connection in our lives. Incorporating CBT, DBT, relational, mindfulness and somatic approaches I am honored to accompany others on their journey toward discovering whatever greater contentment will be for them. After graduating from University of San Francisco I have experience with children, adults, families and couples. I welcome those with any background, experiences, orientations or identifications. Every person is a completely unique and original collection of memories, thoughts, and experiences and through a non-judgmental curiosity I can begin to understand your unique self and together we can find the path forward. 


Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544


contact me:

(510) 601-1929 ext. 21

Cori Soliz




Focused breathing, guided imagery, and sensation awareness are used to contact the wiser part of ourselves which helps the healing process unfold.

In couple's therapy, I provide a fair perspective that identifies the parts of the relationship dynamic that are not working. Recognizing when an individual's past may hinder the growth of the relationship is an important step to controlling harmful reactions.  We will explore and practice healthy interactions in therapy.

My educational background is in psychology and sociology which focused on family systems, multiculturalism, and the struggles minority groups face. I obtained my Master's in Counseling from John F. Kennedy University and focused on how the interplay of mind, body, and spirit affect our emotional and mental well-being. My training includes identifying trauma in the body, expressive arts, transpersonal psychotherapy, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). My therapeutic experience includes depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol recovery, low self-esteem, shame, guilt, and grief. I welcome adults, children, and couples from various racial/ethnic backgrounds and from the LGBTQIA community.


Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544


contact me:

(510) 601-1929 ext. 5

Kenichi Takahashi


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


While building resources to reinforce a new positive pattern, you will gradually integrate and transform old patterns of body and mind.

My therapeutic approaches are Body Centered Mindful Approach (Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing), EMDR, Expressive Arts, and Energy Psychology including Pranic Psychotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping meridian points).

I offer psychotherapy for adults, couples, and children in English and Japanese. I specialize in addiction (Substance Dependence), anxiety, cross-cultural issues, depression, eating disorder, grief, self-esteem, panic attacks, and trauma (PTSD). I am a graduate of John F. Kennedy University of Holistic Studies specializing in Transpersonal Psychology. I have completed the Professional Training for Hakomi in 2010. I have received the certificates for Eating Disorder program, Addiction Studies program and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I have a practice in Pranic healing, which is non-touch based energy healing.

私の心理療法ではクライアントの方に感情面で安心でき心のこもった空間、場所を提供しています。私の行う心理療法は単にお話を聞き、今まであった記憶、辛 い気持ち、直面している問題を共有するだけでなく、皆さんにそれを実際にその場でその感情や記憶を今感じて頂き、子供や辛いことが起きた時に統合されな かった古い記憶の神経ネットワークを脳全体の神経ネットワークと統合していくという手法です。その結果、過去の記憶に対して、以前感じていた辛い気持ちや 身体の感覚は和らいでいきます。またその記憶、感情や身体感覚に関連した自分自身や他人に対する否定的な見方や考えもポジティブに変化していきます。私の 専門はトラウマ、PTSD, パニック障害、憂鬱、ADHD,統合失調症、不安障害、摂食障害、Anger Management, Grief, アルコール薬物等依存等です。子供から大人、夫婦まで日本語で相談に乗ります。身体に触らないで行う気功療法(心と体の両方を治療できます)もやっており ます。ぜひご連絡ください。



contact me:

(510) 601-1929 ext. 6

Korë Rebecca Williams



I am most inspired in life by the capacity we all share to heal, grow, and reach for the joy and connection that is our birthright. I witness this capacity every day in my clients' courage to transform past hurts, memories, and present day obstacles into deepening relationships with themselves, and the freedom to make richer choices in their lives.

In the compassion and safety of deep acceptance and presence, I create the space for you to reach for this freedom and richness in your life. A space where you can learn to feel relaxed, empowered, and alive, and create the loving, trusting relationships with yourself and others that we all yearn for.

My work blends warmth and empathy, with somatic, relational, mindfulness, and cognitive techniques to build a strong, flexible sense of self, and guide clarity of insight into old, conflicting patterns. I offer a wide variety of modalities for my clients to choose from so that we can tailor a therapy experience that is the most effective and comfortable for you. I also approach the work we do together from a holistic perspective to support you in strengthening your individuality, wholeness, resiliency, and capacity to make choices in a very complex world.

I specialize in healing anxiety, depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and grief; physical, sexual, emotional and developmental/attachment trauma; addictions and eating disorders; and in learning to cope with chronic pain and illness.

My extensive training includes EMDR, Somatic Psychotherapy, Attachment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Non-Violent Communication, yoga, qigong, and mindfulness meditation.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, have been practicing psychotherapy since 2002, and work primarily with individuals and families. I warmly welcome clients from all ethnic and racial backgrounds and sexual orientations, and have many years of training in anti-racism, and in issues concerning the queer community. I am happy to be able to offer my clients a sliding scale fee range based on income.


contact me:

(510) 601-1929 ext. 17

Erin Carnahan

PCC Intern


I offer a person-centered and integrative approach to therapy, drawing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family systems and feminist theory, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  I teach strategies and tools to manage the symptoms that may be affecting your daily functioning, while engaging in a compassionate, honest, and nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship that can facilitate deep healing. To me, therapy is a holistic process of addressing biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of individuals and their experiences. 

Supervised: by Yvonne Beyer #36544



contact me:

510-601-1929 ext. 3

Kenyattah Hill



My therapeutic approach focuses on supporting others with exploring safe solutions and attaining mental health autonomy, peace, and resilience. My clinical styles are relational, existential, and Client-Centered. Throughout the process of treatment my goal is to provide a safe space for clients to be vulnerable, explore family history, generational trauma, codependency, sex/love addiction, and ambivalence.

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544 



contact me:

510-601-1929 ext. 12

Chris Belmondo



I believe in creating and holding a safe, empathic space for people to be able to share their experiences, ask questions, and get validation for their feelings, as well as learning skills that can lead to a better quality of life. Creating a collaborative relationship with clients based on a client-centered perspective, along with a harm reduction view of therapy, and allowing a client’s experiences to unfold through a combination of Narrative Therapy, Feminist Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help them enrich their narratives is also important to me. I have a concentration in, but not limited to substance usage issues, LGBTQ issues, anxiety, and depression.

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544 



contact me:

510-601-1929 ext. 9

Amisha Mehtani, MA 

Associate MFT


My name is Amisha and I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.  I grew up in India and emigrated to California with my family at the age of 15. I am bilingual in English and Hindi and can understand some Punjabi. 


My approach is humanistic, which means I take a deeply accepting stance with all my clients. I believe we can all overcome the stressors in our lives with the right support and opportunity.  We begin to experience problems in our lives when we feel “stuck.”  Through attunement, reflective listening, validating, and building a strong alliance, we can work through this “stuck” place together and find solutions.  I have a particular passion for working with couples and families.  


In my work with couples, I use Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to de-escalate conflicts, create safety in the relationship and forge a new way of connecting.  In addition, I integrate TEAM-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help individual clients work through held beliefs that may be causing their suffering. Currently, I work at several sites seeing individual adults and couples.


In my spare time, I enjoy walks in nature, reading, cultural and musical events. I indulge in learning about various cultures, customs and trying ethnic cuisines.

Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544 



contact me:

(510) 601-1929 ext. 2

Nandita Sachdev

Associate PCC



I believe in working collaboratively with a client and creating a safe space for them to heal by sharing and processing their inner thoughts and being listened to empathically.  By modifying your negative thoughts and being mindful of your moment-to-moment experiences, an individual can develop a healthy sense of self, and achieve mental peace and pursue a better quality of life.

After pursuing my education in India, Australia, Malaysia, and the United States I obtained my MS in Clinical Counseling from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago.   I have also had the privilege of working with adults, adolescents, and children in multiple countries.


My global experience and exposure have provided me with an opportunity to build my cultural competence and increase my awareness and respect of individuals from different backgrounds.  My experiences ensure that I bring something unique in my practice and clinical approach.


I offer an integrative therapeutic approach including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I work with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD (trauma), grief and loss, immigration and cross-cultural issues, self-esteem, and anger management.  I welcome adults, adolescents, and children from all backgrounds, socio-economic status, and orientation and provide therapy in English, Gujarati and Hindi.


Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544


Alexandra Rusu

MFT Trainee


I am an MFT Trainee specializing in Expressive Arts. Deeply Jungian at heart, my focus is on welcoming the whole person and integrating disowned parts in therapy. I believe in a holistic, person-centered approach. I offer individualized tools and exercises to meet clients where they are and to empower them in their growth.


Supervisor: Yvonne Beyer #36544

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