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Shannon Kelly

MFT Trainee

In today's fast-paced world, it's common to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. I provide a nurturing, judgment-free sanctuary where you can explore your innermost thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. Together, we will unlock your innate strengths, cultivate valuable coping strategies, and work towards a more enriching life. This collaborative process is designed to empower you, equipping you with the tools to make positive, lasting changes in your life.

Embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment, or explore transformative couples counseling or family therapy for deeper connections. As a compassionate and empathetic MFT Trainee, I am dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and realize your full potential.

For those looking to enhance their relationships, you may choose to consider couples counseling or family therapy. We'll delve into effective communication strategies, expert conflict resolution techniques, and heartfelt approaches to nurturing and revitalizing bonds with your beloved ones.

Whether you are seeking individual therapy, couples counseling, or family sessions, the unwavering focus remains on your empowerment. You possess the incredible capacity to manifest positive changes in your life and relationships. Take the first step toward a brighter future where you're in charge of your personal growth and well-being. Your journey to empowerment begins here, guided by caring expertise.

My approach is rooted in modern ideas about Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This means we'll explore how your connections with important people in your life impact your emotions and well-being. Additionally, I incorporate aspects of Narrative Therapy, which places a strong emphasis on your ability to evolve and transform by using purposeful language and reshaping your personal narrative.

In our sessions, we'll delve into the dynamics of your relationships and emotions, understanding how they're connected. We'll also pay attention to the stories you tell yourself about your life and experiences. By intentionally reshaping these stories and focusing on your capacity for growth and change, we can work together to create a more positive and fulfilling life journey.

MFT Trainee

Under the Supervision of

Yvonne Beyer, LMFT #36544

(510) 601-1929

Shannon Kelly
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