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Shang Heping

Associate MFT

We come into this world to experience, grow and enjoy a good life. We all experience suffering and difficult times, which can lead us to distorted interpretations about self, others, and how to understand our experiences. Yet, we all have instincts, drives and the right to pursue our own happiness.


I started my search for truth with the physical world. I studied science and worked as a researcher in China, Canada and the US. I have MS and Ph.D degrees in computer science, and am a veteran of computer engineering.


I believe happiness comes from inside of ourselves. I believe psychological disorders come from distorted experiences and thoughts. Our biological conditions can impact our experiences; but I believe our psychological conditioning often determines how we behave and react. My approach is holistic and humanistic. As a therapist, I enjoy offering what I’ve learned from positive psychology, holistic and humanistic theory, cognitive, behavioral, and many other therapy methods to help us understand who we are and how to overcome our life difficulties.

I am available for sessions on Saturday.


Supervised by 

Yvonne Beyer LMFT 36544

(510) 601-1929

Shang Heping
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