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David Fore

AMFT #139203

I help folk recognize their true Self so that they may live with greater calm and clarity, courage and creativity. I do this by helping you reveal your own wisdom and healing capacities.

Maybe you want to free yourself from conflicting impulses and expectations. Perhaps your relationships aren’t working or anger is getting in the way. You may feel stuck and overwhelmed. Maybe you identify as having anxiety, depression, or an attention disorder. I specialize in grief and loss, life transitions and spiritual crises. And I help people face their fears about climate and other existential concerns. Mainly, I want you to live your life more fully and authentically.

My work is trauma-informed and somatically based. I help you make sense of external family systems (those we grew up with) and internal family systems (the voices we hear inside). As a yoga teacher, I will share principles and practices that can ground you and supply you with energy, insight, and inspiration.

I see adults, teenagers, and children. Also parents, couples, and families. No matter your cultural identification or spiritual path, I will welcome all you may bring to me.

Supervised by 

Yvonne Beyer LMFT 36544

(510) 214-6199

David Fore
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