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David Fore

Counseling Intern

You might be processing grief or trauma. Maybe you’re facing a diagnosis or a life transition. Perhaps you need help with your relationships. You may want to free yourself from conflicting impulses and demands and to live more fully. I bring compassion, authenticity, and hope to my counseling work. I can help you tap into your true self so you may live with greater calm and clarity, courage and creativity. I blend psychotherapy practices with yoga for grounding, introspection, and inspiration.

I will earn my Masters in Counseling at Palo Alto University in December. Before Earth Circles, I was a bereavement counseling intern at Pathways Hospice.  I entered this field after working with pediatric patients and families to co-design an innovative chronic-illness care system funded by the National Institutes of Health. I also spent many years inventing medical and environmental systems. I believe we heal and grow by enlivening our relationships with ourselves, with one another, and with the planet.

(510) 214-6199

David Fore
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