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We have both licensed marriage and family therapists (MFT) as well as registered interns. Our counselors are skilled in the most current therapeutic methods. We serve families, individuals, children and couples. Earth Circles welcomes all races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. We tailor your counseling to your needs, with many approaches to healing. Our counselors provide a wide fee range.


Yvonne Beyer MA MFT

Executive Director

By trusting your inner wisdom, you can heal old beliefs and negative thoughts that keep you stuck and unable to go forward in your life. As we embark upon the journey of your healing, I will be there to assist and guide you in co-creating your life's goals and dreams. In facilitating your process, I use various modalities, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), focusing, meditation and other body based therapies. My training is transpersonal and body-oriented, which means that I believe one way in "coming home" to yourself is through the inner wisdom of your own body. Please let me assist you in making lasting changes so that you, too, might enjoy more meaningful relationships with yourself and others, and find your inner peace.

contact: 510-601-0132

email: ec@earthcirclescenter.com

Staff and Interns

Korë Rebecca Williams




I am most inspired in life by the capacity we all share to heal, grow, and reach for the joy and connection that is our birthright. I witness this capacity every day in my clients' courage to transform past hurts, memories, and present day obstacles into deepening relationships with themselves, and the freedom to make richer choices in their lives.
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Chris Belmondo



I offer a person-centered and integrative approach to therapy, drawing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family systems and feminist theory, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


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Erin Carnahan

PCC Intern




Each person has their own inner healing intelligence. My goal is to provide a safe and compassionate container for you to explore your emotional world, grow in self-compassion, and connect with your unique healing capacity.
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Rose Hedreen

MSW Trainee



Jessica Sheriff

PCC Intern


Through empathic listening, validation and attunement, a helping relationship is birthed. I hold and facilitate a safe space for you to connect to your inner wisdom and strength while encouraging your resilience and desire to heal.

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Reed Goertler


I work to help others expand, understand and accept the whole experience of life. I bring curiosity, patience and, at times, a challenging presence to my interactions with clients. 

I help facilitate and witness the profound transformation that occurs when therapy allows a client to emerge with a deeper understanding of themselves.

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Kenichi Takahashi



Both body and mind remember negative experiences that occurred in the past. I will assist you to activate your innate ability to heal your psychological wounds. As we explore your experiences, I will also assist you to discover your emotions and beliefs behind the experience. While building resources to reinforce a new positive pattern, you will gradually integrate and transform old patterns of body and mind.
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Chong-You Lin





An authentic and empathic relationship is the basic foundation for people to develop their full potential in psychotherapy. I encourage my clients to increase their awareness in a supportive environment, and then unfold their authentic self while increasing their freedom to choose. 


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My therapeutic approach is to create a safe and welcoming space where we can, together, explore some of life challenges. My therapeutic approach includes a blend of psychodynamic and transpersonal therapy modalities.
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Niku (Nick) Shah

Associate MFT


Shang Heping



We come into this world to experience, grow and enjoy a good life. We all experience suffering and difficult times, which can lead us to distorted interpretations about self, others, and how to understand our experiences. Yet, we all have instincts, drives and the right to pursue our own happiness.
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My therapeutic approach is integrative and humanistic, which emphasizes clients’ self-development and takes into account clients’ capacity to achieve their best potential rather than focusing on their problems.

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Masami Ueki




My therapeutic approach is built on empathetic listening and genuine care. I believe that the capacity for personal growth and healing can be obtained when you feel fully seen and understood. 

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Jennifer Torres

MFT Trainee


Theresa Navarro Bui



There is deep power inherent within who you are and I am passionate about supporting you in unlocking, highlighting and empowering your inner strengths, values, goals and dreams in order to move forward in whatever challenge you may be currently facing.

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Torrie Pierre-Hargraves

MFT Trainee


I am an MFT Trainee who is passionate about providing individuals and couples with tools to strengthen relationships while optimizing healthy. I believe in providing a safe, open and empathetic space where the healing journey can begin.

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Barbara (Blaze) Lazarony

MFT & PCC Trainee


 You may not be exactly sure what’s wrong, but you know something is off. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, hopeless, or depressed? Or your relationships are a mess? You want things to change, and you’re tired of losing sleep trying to figure it out on your own. You don’t have to keep living like this! Together, you and I will work collaboratively to discover the root of your stress, anxiety, or depression. 

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Allison Smith

MFT Trainee


My goal is to not only witness individuals, families, and couples realize their full potential but walk beside each one as they achieve every goal. My favorite insect happens to be a butterfly-- why? Because before you see the beauty of the butterfly, you must witness the struggle of the cocoon. You may be in a difficult place at the moment, however, take courage, you can emerge as a butterfly as we work together.

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