Tyeshia Brown


Ph: (408) 883-7272 Email:TBrownC063@gmail.com

My name is Tyeshia Brown and I am attending John F. Kennedy University and completing a Counseling in Psychology/PsyD dual degree. I am currently a MFT trainee at Earth Circles Counseling Center. I’ve worked in a TK-12 school setting for the last 13 years, specifically with high school students. In addition to my non-academic role, I have been involved in diversity work for the past five years and am now the TK-12 Diversity Coordinator.

I value and use my knowledge of cultural competence and the understanding of cultural diversity and cultural sensitivity in my work. My goal is to give individuals a space to safely process, heal, and work through the challenges that life brings, without judgement. I understand that there are many aspects in one’s life that can play a role in your whole self. Some of which include mental and physical health, your home, work, and/or school environment, as well as your spirituality and/or beliefs, and your support systems.

I believe that we are the experts in our own lives, so I like to work from a collaborative approach in assisting, supporting, and guiding individuals to build on their existing strengths, to have meaningful relationships with the self and others, and to live their best possible life.

Tyeshia Brown