Aliza Rothman

AMFT 124394

Ph: (510) 761-7064

I am honored to work with you on this journey towards growth and wholeness. I hold deep empathy and positive regard for wherever you are and all you are with. Beginning therapy is courageous, speaking what has not been spoken, opening up, trusting and being vulnerable and authentic are strengths.

I create a warm, safe space for exploration and connection. I am here to support you in expressing more of yourself while unpacking and letting go of what is not serving you. I believe that we are resilient and have the capacity for deep connection and deep joy in our lives.

My training is in expressive arts therapy and movement and dance therapy. I believe the body and the nervous system is where we must begin and continue to return to. The body holds trauma, stress and deep wisdom. My approach is based in somatic/body-centered approaches and working with the nervous system. Not everything can be expressed verbally. I offer various modalities for my clients to choose from- body awareness, movement, yoga, mindfulness, art, drama, and ritual.

I have experience working with domestic violence, loss and grief, pregnancy loss, parenting, life transitions, divorce, anxiety and depression as well as working with children and teens. I look forward to getting to know you.

Aliza Rothman