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Masami Ueki

ASW #82205

My therapeutic approach is integrative and humanistic, which emphasizes clients’ self-development and takes into account clients’ capacity to achieve their best potential rather than focusing on their problems. I offer safe and deep acceptance, honesty, compassion, warmth, and empathy in my work. It is indispensable for me and my clients to be connected deeply so that we can work together to reach goals they wish to achieve. I believe that we are powerful beings to make our lives better in ways that we want life to be by utilizing what resources we have at our disposal. I will work with clients to explore what strengths they have in order to feel good about themselves.

I will teach tools and skills to manage and lessen the emotional afflictions of anxiety, depression, and relationship issues by utilizing integrative approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I also use T.E.A.M approach therapy, which is a new framework of psychotherapy includes CBT techniques.

Supervised by Yvonne Beyer #36544

(510) 601-1929

Masami Ueki
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